From the District Chair - Warm Up Act

Posted on Jul 19 2013 - 1:49am

Button Gwinnett Scouters! I hope all of you are having a fantastic summer so far! After several weeks of very mild and wet weather, it seems that the weather is starting to warm up.

In addition to the weather starting to finally warm up, we are warming up for another school and Scouting year. Can you believe that we are already in the back half of July? I can't either! In just a few weeks our sons and daughters will be going back to school and our schedules will be in full gear.

One of our key warm up acts is recruiting. I've been home this week instead of my normal hectic business travel schedule and it allowed me to take in some of the various activities going on.

Tuesday night, John Giobetti, our District Membership Chair, June Yelle, our School Night for Scouting Chair, and George Snipes our District Executive, held this year's Membership Recruiting Kick Off Night. We were well represented at the meeting with Packs 146, 247, 525, 575, 608, 650, 827, and 846 all in attendance.

Our membership team presented this year's materials with tips, techniques, and best practices to ensure a successful fall recruitment. Packets and Goodies were handed out to the various units to help with their efforts. It was a great turnout and an even better meeting. Big thanks to John, June, and their team for putting together a well organized meeting.

For those of you who were not able to attend the meeting, but are leading your unit's school night recruiting efforts for this fall, feel free to drop June a note at her email address:


If you need recruiting support and additional supplies, know that George is there to help! Feel free to drop George a note at his email address:


In addition to recruiting, we have several key areas that are warming up, and getting ready for the fall. I'm very excited at the news that D'anne Hilsmier is going to be serving as our District Popcorn Chair for this year. It's an extremely important position as all of you know, and I know that D'anne is going to do a fantastic job for us. It's also great to know that Tammy Foley is going to continue to be part of the popcorn leadership team, providing communications and logistics support for moving all that popcorn our boys will sell this fall. Be on the lookout for communcations from D'anne and Tammy soon after the Council Popcorn Kickoff in the next few weeks.

WEBELOS Woods is going to be just around the corner as it is scheduled for September 21st. David Penton, our District Activities Chair and his committee have been working together to plan and execute this event. The committee is taking a different tack this year by hosting the event in the fall and they have been very active in working to modify the program aspects of the event. I'm hoping that all of our WEBELOS dens will be able to make it to this event as it counts towards an outdoor activity for their Arrow of Light award. In addition, David and the team are recruiting Boy Scouts who will be serving as Troop Guides and helping to lead many of the activities. I'm looking forward to seeing this event come together and I'm excited about the changes the team is making.

I will be taking a much needed vacation next week, free from texts, phone calls, and emails as I steam to Bermuda on a cruise ship. I'm really looking forward to recharging my batteries and be ready to hit the ground running when school starts! The only regret that I have for my vacation being next week is that I won't be in town to attend the Eagle Court of Honor for a very special young man, Michael Armstrong. Michael just recently completed his Eagle Board of Review, and his family, friends, and fellow Scouts from Troop 846 will celebrate with him on his special day, July 28th.

Michael was a WEBELOS II Scout when my son Joshua started Scouting as a Tiger. He will be a Junior at Peachtree Ridge this fall, and I can't think of a young man more befitting the title Eagle Scout. It has been so rewarding to see Michael grow into the capable, humble leader that he has become. Scouting has made a big impact on his life, but our community and the Button Gwinnett District have been impacted by young men like Michael who continue to come through our units.

Although I can't be there on your special day, Michael, I want you to know how much Mrs. Sam and I are proud of you and appreciate the leadership and example you've given to our son and the rest of the boys at Troop 846. Enjoy your day… You've earned it!

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions, feedback, or you need assistance. I'm here to serve you and our youth!

Yours in Scouting,

Terry Walls

Chairman, Button Gwinnett District