District and Council Summer Camp JTE

Posted on Jun 15 2013 - 8:25am

Button Gwinnett District Unit Leaders!

We need your help!
Please let me know how many Scouts and Adults, between 9/12012 and 8/31/2013 have:
Troops/Crews/Teams/Ships: attended any Out-of-Council Summer Camps, High-Adventure or has any Scouts serving on any sort of Staff Experience (Summer Camp, High Adventure or Jamboree;
Packs: has attended any Out-of-District or Out-of-Council Family Camping Programs, Out-of-Council Summer Resident or Day Camp, or Out-of-Council Webelos Woods type event.
This does not include Unit short-term or Pack family camping.  That information will be reported on your Unit’s Journey to Excellence spreadsheet.
We can gather the information about your unit’s participation in AAC Summer Camps and the BG District Day Camp.
Every year we calculate the statistics for the District and Council Journey to Excellence (JTE) spreadsheet starting in August for submission to the National Council during the fall.   Each year we tend to underreport the Summer Camp attendance because we don’t get accurate reports from our Out-of-Council partners, which can underreport the number and percentage of Scouts we are actually serving with this invaluable outdoor program resource.
During the summer I will send targeted reminders to gather this information.  I want to ensure the information we provide to the Council does include all our units and scouting experiences.
Please send me any information or direct any questions to camping@gwinnettbsa.org.
Thank you for your service and support:
Fred Carroll – BG District Camping Chair