From the District Chair - Impact!

Posted on Jun 7 2013 - 1:35am

Button Gwinnett Scouters - I hope all of you have had a fantastic week.

I am on my flight home this evening after spending the last two days in suburban Washington DC, working with clients. I was fortunate to be home Tuesday night and participate in our first Quarterly District Conference. Jim Gilpatrick, our District Commissioner and his commissioner staff and many members from our District Committee held the first combined meeting.

I was thrilled to see the ideas and engagement from those who participated as we start to plan for the next Scouting/School year. The key question: "How can we collectively make an impact on the lives of our youth?"

For those of you who were not able to attend because of vacations and summer activity commitments, please mark your calendars for Tuesday, September 3rd as we hold our next Quarterly Conference.

In addition while we were meeting, Jeff Brown and his team of Day Camp volunteers were meeting to put the finishing touches on their planning for the District Cub Scout Day Camp. To say that Jeff has been busy would be an understatement... With less than a month to go, he received the news that the location we have used for nearly 10 years, would not be an option as a large part of the grounds had not finished with their planned construction.

Jeff and his team sprang into action, and I am excited to hear that they have found a fantastic new venue where Day Camp will be held. Jeff and his team are actively working to send out rosters, mailers, and updates in the next few days, so be on the lookout for news from Jeff and the leadership team. All of you who are participating to deliver a successful day camp are going to make an impact on the lives of a lot of boys and girls!

The last thing that I would like to share with you this evening is an attached document that showcases the profiles of a number of our outstanding Scouts in the Button Gwinnett District. We created this profile sheet to educate individuals on how much of an impact Scouting makes on our youth. It is a fantastic document that you can use when making your School Night presentations, soliciting support for Friends of Scouting in your unit, or maybe in your efforts to re-energize your adult leaders on why they volunteer. Take time to read the profiles and be humbled, like me, on the impact that Scouting has had on the lives of these awesome youth leaders.

A special thanks to Liam Puckhaber, Matthew Giobetti, Darius Penton, Jonathan Broniac, and Christa Peet for sharing their perspectives and points of view on what Scouting means to them. I am proud to be associated with an organization that impacts youth the way that Scouting does. The thing that I'm even more proud of is the fact that these fine youth leaders are not exceptions! They are the example of how Scouting impacts all of our boys AND girls who participate. When Scouting makes an impact on our youth, we're impacted by the awesome people they become!

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions, feedback, or you need assistance. I'm here to serve you and our youth!

Yours in Scouting,

Terry Walls

Chairman, Button Gwinnett District


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