District Klondike Derby

Feb 07 2014
Feb 09 2014
Woodruff Scout Reservation



Klondike Derby 2014


The 2014 Klondike Derby is scheduled for the weekend of February 7 - 9, 2014 at Woodruff Scout Reservation. The cost for the event is $10 per person with checks made payable to Venture Crew 9236. The payment will be due at the January roundtable meeting (1/21/14). Rosters need to be provided as required by the Atlanta Area Council; a roster of youth and a separate roster for adults. These rosters can be emailed ahead of time to: austin.bsa@gmail.com, but must be received no later than the January roundtable.

Format for the event will be the same as in previous years. There will be six competition towns, Bennett, Dawson, Skagway, Chilkoot Pass, White Horse and White Pass. All skills required to compete are from the latest edition of the Boy Scout Handbook and many are required to attain the rank of First Class Scout.

Lord Baden-Powell stated that a Scout should be observant and to be prepared for anything.  Gold will be awarded at each town and gold can also be earned all along the Klondike trail.  This year, there will again be a test worth additional gold.

This is a winter camping event and winter rules apply. It is also a weekend event that will focus on the “Patrol Method”.  The patrol leaders are responsible for their patrols. Patrols should have a minimum of 4 Scouts with a maximum of 10 Scouts. In the spirit of Scouting, no “super patrols” should be allowed to form for the Klondike weekend – the Saturday competitions or Sunday sled race.  The patrol members that compete on Saturday will be the patrol members that participate in the sled race on Sunday – no roster additions or deletions. The sled race is a timed event and the start will be a staggered start; the entire patrol has to cross the finish line before the time stops.

The sled should be approximately 24 inches wide and 42 inches long with 4 wheels (all touching the ground) and a braking mechanism. The sled should weigh at least 40 pounds empty and be able to carry all equipment needed to compete on Saturday.

Be Prepared and have fun and we look forward to seeing everybody at the fourteenth annual Klondike Derby.


The Klondike Derby Committee