From the New District Chair - Happy New Year!

Posted on Jan 11 2013 - 2:45am

Fellow Button Gwinnett Scouters and Parents,

Happy New Year! I hope all of you had a wonderful Holiday season with your friends and loved ones. 

During the December district business meeting, Mark Grams completed three years as District Chair and a need was created to fill the role. Thank you Mark for your three years of dedicated service to the district.

I have the honor to succeed Mark and serve you as the Button Gwinnett District Chair for 2013. 

In succeeding Mark as the District Chair, my job will be to work with our District Commissioner, Jim Gilpatrick, and our District Executive, George Snipes to support our units and ensure that our youth members get the best possible Scouting experience in a safe environment.

We are very fortunate that we have several volunteers who dedicate part of their Scout Leader time to the collective District committees. I'm excited to be working with them this year in making Scouting in Button Gwinnett a fun and transformative experience for all our eligible youth. I'm a passionate recruiter and I will be focusing time and energy to finding additional diverse talented individuals who can join this group to make us even more successful.

I'm also very  excited to work with all of you in finding ways that we can continuously improve our district functions and activities in order to serve you and your units while also growing Scouting and exposing more youth to this wonderful movement that we all believe in and support.

We are at a  critical inflection point in the Button Gwinnett District… Shortly after my election, I shared a point of view with many of our operating committee members and District Members at large:

  • The dynamics of our families are changing with several competing demands for their time (work, other activities, etc.) How do we make sure that we can engage and involve these parents who want to be involved in the lives of their children? How do we cater our programs to these needs?

  • The demographics of our district is under significant change. We have several emerging multi-cultural groups in our district who are under served, or not served at all by the wonderful Scouting movement.
  • The economic challenges in the past few years have impacted us all. Rising costs of living impact our ability to deliver the same level of services and programs, be it in our schools, our Scout units or other areas in which our families participate.

During the next 12 months my focus will be to work with you along these strategic lines:

  • To enrich the Scouting experience for our youth members by continuously improving our district programs that are relevant and complimentary to our unit programs.

  • To reach out to emerging and multi-cultural communities to ensure that all eligible youth in Button Gwinnett have an opportunity to participate in Scouting.
  • To increase our district's contribution to building a very strong and financially capable council so that our foundation of support is broad and withstands economic challenges.

I've experienced the impact that Scouting has had on my son and I've seen the impact that it has had on other boys I've served while being a Scout Leader…  The skills and qualities we're instilling in our boys will not only help them to be more successful and live more purposeful lives, we're also making an investment in improving our communities.

I'm looking forward to working with you in adding to the strength of the Button Gwinnett District and for the youth we serve through Scouting. 

Yours in Scouting,

Terry Walls

District Chair