2012 Summer Camping Updates

Posted on Oct 18 2012 - 10:30pm

Good morning - 

  Here is a quick update of the Atlanta Area Council Resident Camps and the Button Gwinnett Units (Troops and Packs) summer camping activities as reported currently to the Atlanta Area Council Service Center.

  This summer, 10,632 Scouts and Leaders/Parents attended one of the Atlanta Area Council Resident Camps during the Summer 2012 season.  

   Bert Adams Boy Scout Resident Camp: 1187 total (987 Scouts, 200 leaders)

   Bert Adams Cub Scout Resident Camp:  1692 total (1011 Cubs / 681 Leaders and Parents)

   Bert Adams Venturing/JROTC: 85 total

   Woodruff Boy Scout Resident Camp:  7668 total (6161 Scouts, 1497 Leaders)

For the Button Gwinnett District units, I have a spreadsheet with the numbers of Scouts, Cubs, Venturers and Sea Scouts who attend the Summer Resident Camps, either In-Council (I-C) or Out of Council (OOC).  Most of this information is from the records kept by the AAC service center, based upon resident camp reservations, Tour Plans submitted, or reports filed by units.  This spreadsheet information will be on the District Camping Website and will be updated periodically.  

Please feel free to send any updates or correct my data so I can report this to the Council as part of the District JTE.  (camping@gwinnettbsa.org

Here is the data I have for the BG District Troops (High Adventure will be reported, too, but not compiled yet):

Here is the data I have for the BG District Packs (summer day camp data will be added soon):

Starting next year, the District will have to keep statistics on District camping events, Cub Scout events and Camporees.

Remember, "Outing" is 2/3 of "Scouting".

Yours in Scouting - Fred Carroll, District Camping Chairman